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About the NCSI

The National Conference of Secular Institutes (NCSI), which began informally in the 1960's, is an association for co-operation and mutual support of those Secular Institutes which have members in the United Kingdom.

Currently 9 Institutes have chosen to belong to the NCSI. All members of these Institutes are eligible and welcome to attend the Annual Conference of the NCSI which takes place over a weekend in Eastertide. In 2019, this will take place from 3-5 May at Wistaston Hall, near Crewe. The booking form can be downloaded here. The Committee of the NCSI, composed of one representative from each member Institute meets three times a year to discuss matters of mutual interest and to plan cooperation.

The NCSI is affiliated to the Conférence Mondiale des Instituts Seculiers (CMIS) which represents all Secular Institutes in the world. A member of the NCSI attends the Congress of CMIS which takes place every four years. This ensures that the situation and particular concerns of the church in our countries are expressed and that our voice is heard internationally.

The NCSI is represented on the National Board of Catholic Women which is a consultative body to the Bishops' Conference of England and Wales.