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Caritas Christi

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Miss Mary Eardley,
31,Chestnut Avenue,

Caritas Christi website:

Caritas Christi is an international secular institute for women with members in forty one countries. There are twenty four members in England.

Whilst remaining lay people members make a life long commitment to be totally given and consecrated to God. Out of love they choose to make a vow of celibacy and promises of poverty and obedience. Members strive to love God and make Him loved where God has placed them. In the Church and in lives made prayer members use their day to day lives ( both contemplative and apostolic) to bring this about.

The institute was formed in France by Juliette Molland and Father Perrin growing from an initial group of ten women who felt called to give themselves to God but not as religious. These women made their first offering to the Heart of Jesus in 1937.

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